in an ideal world in Lent

  1. stop looking at phone so much *
  2. don’t eat processed/added sugar **
  3. fast on Fridays †
  4. journal every day °
  5. blog every day?
  6. do a devotion with husband every day ‡
  7. get enough sleep
  8. don’t eat meat unless it came from a local farm where the animals were really and truly pasture-raised, not just “grass-fed” ***
  9. give to everyone who begs from you §
  10. pray in the contemplative way that achieves union with God ****


* The March 2018 issue of Oprah says people look at their phones, on average, 47 times a day. This seems low.
** The documentary Fed Up helps with this.
† I’m in a community musical and we have dress rehearsal the first Friday of Lent, then opening night the second Friday. I’m already a little worried about fainting. So never mind.
° Have actually done this for 121 days and counting. What helped was thinking of it not as a journal but as a logbook.
‡ Wondrous Encounters, by Richard Rohr
*** (At least, that’s the latest self-righteous designation I’ve bothered to learn.) The documentary Food, Inc. helps with this.
§ Matthew 5:42.
**** To say “achieves” probably betrays just how far I am from contemplative prayer.

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